Na ovom mestu možete pogledati foto galerije sa svih događaja tokom 5. Beogradskog irskog festivala! Fotograf: Neda Mojsilović

Bellow you can see all the photos from all the events during 5th Belgrade Irish Festival! Photographer: Neda Mojsilović

March 6th & 7th // Jean Butler’s Workshops

March 9th & 10th // “this is an Irish dance” Jean Butler & Neil Martin

March 9th // Ambassadors reception with the Festival’s opening

March 11th // Conor Ferguson’s “Dark Lies the Island” Exhibition Opening 

March 13th // BIF Deli Monday

March 15th, 16th & 17th // TRAD Sessions

March 16th //Q&A with David Caffrey + screenings of his work

March 17th // St. Patrick’s Day!

March 18th // BIG SCREEN Rugby! ‘6-Nations’ – Ireland vs England!

March 18th // Dylan Tighe – Live

March 18th //Jazz Brunch with O Bato band