Intervju sa Jas Kaminskim, osnivačem festivala u Cord Magazinu

Intervju sa Jas Kaminskim, osnivačem festivala u Cord Magazinu

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Interview with Jas Kaminskim, founder of fest in Cord Magazinu

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Irski Wandelost found in Blegrade

IF, with an open heart, you have an insatiable desire for all things Irish, then this year’s Belgrade Irish Festival (BIF) has prepared a programme that will help sufferers purge themselves of this particularly greenish ailment during Saint Patrick’s week!

BIF is one of the fastest growing festivals in Serbia with over 50 indoor and open-air events throughout the White City, starting on 9th March and ending with a bang on 17th March – Saint Patrick’s Day. While the Irish are considered (by very few people) to be a modest and shy people, it should be pointed out that BIF is the largest annual exhibition of Irish arts in south-east Europe. Indeed, BIF is one of the largest annual exhibitions of Irish arts in the world not supported by a large diaspora in situ – we really are out there!

THIS year BIF is honoured to announce that Lenny Abrahamson, the acclaimed Irish film maker (his ground-breaking film Room was nominated for an Oscar in 2016), will be the main festival guest. Lenny’s latest film, The Little Stranger, will open the Irish film programme at Kinoteka. The film programme will also feature the latest works (both feature films, documentaries, and animation) from the celebrated Irish production house, Cartoon Saloon, & Sé Merry Doyle, Brian Willis, Bryan Delaney….

WITH the Irish embassy, we are hosting a new one-day digital business conference, bringing together private and public sector organisations from Ireland and Serbia. This one-day segment of BIF will provide an excellent opportunity to take stock of, assess opportunities in and look to the future of the creative industries in Ireland, Serbia and worldwide.

IN visual arts, the renowned Irish street artist, James Earley, will paint a 180m2 mural on a city centre building. This will remain as a feature of the city’s urban landscape long into the future. Also, the BIF visual arts programme will include an open-air exhibition on aspects of Irish and Serbian early religious symbols and motifs, in the Belgrade Waterfront area.

THE recently opened and impressive National Museum (Narodni Muzej ) will be bathed in a green glow of light, for the first time this year, on Saint Patrick Day (17th March) – alongside other city centre landmarks, including Palata Albanija, Hotel Moskva, Most na Adi, Narodna Skupština, Glavna Pošta and Belgrade Design District.

A host of other workshops, talks and engagements with many visiting artists can also be found in the programme which we invite you to explore and enjoy.

Finally, we would like to thank the growing body of partners whose commitment to BIF has made this unique cultural exchange between the south-east and north-west of Europe a reality for many in Ireland and Serbia. Needless to say, the Belgrade Irish Festival is also supported by a fantastic local production team whose hard work and personal contributions have helped build BIF into an engaging, rewarding and enriching annual event.

Happy St Patrick’s Day, and the week that’s in it!

Jas Kaminski Festival Director



MESTO: Kinoteka, Kosovska 11
DATUM: 16.03.2019.
VREME: 17:00
KARTE: 350 rsd

Uloge: Pat Shortt, John Keogh, George Costigan

Tragikomedija smeštena u svet benzinske pumpe u ruralnoj Irskoj. Marljivi radnik u garaži u potrazi za bliskošću tokom jednog leta koje će promeniti sve. Garaža je osvojila CICAE Art i Essai Cinema Prize na Kanskom festivalu, kao I nagradu za najbolji film na 25. festival u Torinu. Film je takođe osvojio četiri nagrade 2008 na Irish Film and Television Awards – za najbolji film, najbolju režiju (Lenny Abrahamson), najbolji scenario(Mark O’Halloran) i najboljeg glumca (Pat Shortt)


VENUE: Kinoteka, Kosovska 11
DATE: 16.03.2019.
TIME: 17:00
TICKETS: 350 rsd

Starring: Pat Shortt, John Keogh, George Costigan

Directed by Belgrade Irish Festival’s guest director, Lenny Abrahamson, this early feature film of Lenny’s follows Josie’s life in a rural Irish town, which due to a learning disability, revolves around a boring job taking care of a garage that could close at any time. However, things start to change when David, the son of his boss’ girlfriend, comes to work with him. Josie hangs out with David and his teenage friends, bringing them beer, and despite being a grown man himself, finds that the new friends lift his spirits. But his simple-mindedness blinds him to some of the potential dangers… ‘The Garage’ received the ‘CICAE Art and Essai Cinema Prize’ at Cannes, as well as ‘Best Film’ in Torino. The film also got awards at the 2008 Irish Film and Television Awards – for best film, best director (Lenny Abrahamson), best script (Mark O’Halloran) and best actor (Pat Shortt).



MESTO: Kinoteka, Kosovska 11
DATUM: 16. & 17.03.2019.
VREME: 21:00 & 19:00
KARTE: 350 rsd

Uloge: Emmet Kirwan, Ian Lloyd Anderson, Sarah Greene, Seána Kerslake, Liam Heslin, Ciaran Grace, Stephen Jones, Mark O’Halloran, Leah Minto

Pridružite se Džejsonu, didžejuamateru, na njegovom putovanju po ulicama Dablina i lutanje od svirke do svirke. Negde u ovom haosu punom didžeja, žurki i policije, Džejson pronadje poznato lice – svog brata, Danijela. Danijel, jedan obrazovan zavisnik heroina, živi bukvalno na ulicama Dablina. Džejson i Danijel nisu pričali i nisu se videli godinama ali jednog vikenda oni se ponovo povezuju i sećaju se rejvova, pesama a i njihove problematične prošlosti. Dva brata koja žive skroz različite živote u stvari imaju mnogo više zajedničkog nego što oni misle.


VENUE: Kinoteka, Kosovska 11
DATE: 16. & 17.03.2019.
TIME: 21:00 & 19:00
TICKETS: 350 rsd

Starring: Emmet Kirwan, Ian Lloyd Anderson, Sarah Greene, Seána Kerslake, Liam Heslin, Ciaran Grace, Stephen Jones, Mark O’Halloran, Leah Minto

Join Jason, a wannabe DJ, on a drug-fuelled trip through the streets of Dublin as he stumbles from one session to another. Somewhere between the DJs, decks, and drug busts he stumbles across a familiar face from the past, his brother Daniel. Daniel, an educated heroin addict, is living on the streets of Dublin. The brothers haven’t seen or spoken to each other in years but over a lost weekend they reconnect and reminisce over raves, tunes and their troubled past. Two brothers living very different lives might have more in common than they think.

Pešačka tura Dorćolom

Pešačka tura Dorćolom

MESTO: City Library, Knez Mihajlova 56
DATUM: 17.03.2019.
VREME: 13:30
TRAJANJE: 2 sata
CENA: 1200 rsd

Dorćol je svakako jedan od najstarijih delova grada a samim tim možda I najzanimljiviji. Njegovu istoriju možemo pratiti još od rimskog kastruma, preko turskog I jevrejskog naselja do savremenog doba. Dorćol obiluje najrazličitijim pričama I uvek je bio inspiracija onima koji tu žive. Svaka ulica I svaka zgrada kriju po neku zanimljivost pa je šetnja Dorćolom I po najsumornijem danu puna iznenađenja. Beogradski irski festival se svake godine trudi da posetiocima programa omogući ne samo otkrivanje irske već I otkrivanje zaboravljenih blaga Beograda. Uživajmo u Beogradu zajedno.

Dorćol Walking Tour

MEET AT: City Library, Knez Mihajlova 56
DATE: 17.03.2019.
TIME: 13:30
DURATION: 2 hours
PRICE: 1200 rsd

Dorćol is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Belgrade and consequently the most interesting one. We can follow its history from the Roman castrum, through Turkish and Jewish settlements to the present times; it is quite literally at the crossroads of history. Dorćol is full of the most vivid stories and has always been an inspiration to its residents. Every street and every building hide something interesting that makes the walk around Dorćol, even during the gloomiest days, full of surprises! Belgrade Irish Festival seeks to help you discover not only Ireland’s but also Belgrade’s hidden treasures time after time. Join us in discovering Belgrade, together!

Ozelenjavanje Beograda


MESTO: Širom Grada
DATUM: 16. do 18.03.2018
VREME: Sumrak do svitanja

Ove godine, Palata Albanija, Hotel Moskva, Most na Adi, Glavna Pošta, Čumićevo Sokače, Narodna Skupština, Ambasada Kanade i čak nedavno otvoreni i impresivni Narodni muzej će odjednom postati zeleni! Ako nećete biti u Irskoj na Dan Svetog Patrika 17. marta, ne morate da tugujete, i Beograd će biti u zelenilu! Stari spomenici, nove gradske celine i umetnička dela učestvuju u prazniku ove godine kao deo akcije #GlobalGreening u čast proslave irskog pokrovitelja. Beograd će biti, poput Londona, Njujorka, Sindeja, Bostona i Moskve, jedan od centara proslave ovog velikog dana i postati zeleni!


VENUE: City Wide
DATE: 16. to 18.03.2018.
TIME: Dusk till Dawn

This year, Palata Albanija, Hotel Moskva, Most na Adi, Glavna Pošta, Belgrade Design District, the Canadian Embassy, Narodna Skupština and even the impressive and newly opened Narodni Muzej will be wearing green on Saint Patrick’s Day! If you are not in Ireland to celebrate, don’t be sad, Belgrade will also be green! Ancient monuments, modern landmarks and works of art are all participating in the #GlobalGreening to honor Ireland’s patron saint! Belgrade will be, alongside London, New York, Sydney, Boston and Moscow, one of the centres of the celebrations and will become green! Send us your pictures of the Illumination on the 16-17th March and win some great prizes. #bifgreening?



MESTO: Smokvica, Jovanova 45
DATUM: 16.3.2019.
VREME: 11:00 / Brunch

Pridružite nam se na Irskom branču začinjenom “Jestivim zadovoljstvima”. Irska autorka Lana Citron, čitaće nam delove svoje poslednje knjige “Edible Pleasures”, u kojoj je na duhovit ali studiozan način proučila istoriju i dejstvo afrodizijaka. Pored Irskog doručka koji se sastoji od sve samih afrodizijaka, inspirisana zabavnim receptima iz Lanine knjige, kuhinja Smokvice će nas iznenaditi sa još nekim jestivim zadovoljstvima. Nagrađivana Irska književnica I scenaristkinja Lana Citron do sada je objavila 5 novela, dve knjige kao I brojne kratke priče, scenarija, pesme, članke I književne kritike. Njena dela su objavljena u Evropi I SAD te prevođena na mnoge jezike: Sucker, Spilt Milk, Transit, The Honey Trap, and The Brodsky Touch. Njenu prvu knjigu, A Compendium of Kisses Ekonomist je proglasio za “knjigu sedmice” I opisao kao “intelektualno zadovoljstvo, divnu I sveobuhvatnu knjigu o poljupcima”


VENUE: Smokvica, Jovanova 45
DATE: 16.3.2019.
TIME: 11:00 / Brunch

Join Irish author Lana Citron reading from her latest book, while munching an erotic brunch and conversing amorously about cooking and books. Prize-winning author and script writer Lana has published five novels, two non-fiction books and numerous short stories, plays, poems, film scripts, articles and book reviews. Her novels have been published in Europe and the US and translated into many languages. Sucker, Spilt Milk, Transit, The Honey Trap, and The Brodsky Touch. Her first non-fiction work, A Compendium of Kisses was named ’book of the week’ in The Economist, which described it as ‘an intellectual and indulgent treat; a wonderful and comprehensive book on all things osculatory’. Plays and scripts include The Love Saboteur and the multi-awardwinning short films was the Cigarette Girl and Hannah Cohen’s Holy Communion. The latter is currently used by 3 Faiths Forum in the ireducational program throughout the UK. She has written numerous articles for a wide variety of newspapers and magazines. In 2013, the Huffington Post hosted her blog The Diary of an Accidental Mother.



MESTO: Kinoteka, Kosovska 11
DATUM: 15.3.2019.
VREME: 19:00
KARTE: 350 rsd

Kinematografski omaž Piteru Rajsu, jednom od najistaknutijih inženjera s kraja 20. veka. Prateći njegov izuzetni životni i profesionalni put, od detinjstva u Dandalku u Irskoj, preko angažmana na izgradnji Sidnejske opere, Pompidu centra i zgrade Lojda pa sve do njegove prerane smrti 1992.godine, Markus Robinson je koristio zadivljujuću timelapse fotografiju i intervjue da otkrije priču o geniju koji je stajao u senci arhitektonskih ikona. Sve do sada. Film nosi naziv Rajsove istoimene knjige koju je napisao neposredno pred smrt 1992. godine, i predstavlja njegov hrabri, inovativni i kreativni profesionalni pristup. “Piter Rajs je bio nešto poput mađioničara” rekao je Bernard Vodvil, inženjer i arhitekta koji je radio sa Rajsom. “Kada vidite njegovu građevinu, ne možete da shvatite kako stoji, ali stoji.”

Producent filma Brajan Vilis će odgovarati na pitanja nakon projekcije.


VENUE: Kinoteka, Kosovska 11
DATE: 15.3.2019.
TIME: 19:00
TICKETS: 350 rsd

Marcus Robinson uses stunning time-lapse photography and revealing interviews to tell the story of a genius who stood in the shadow of architectural icons. Until now! ‘An Engineer Imagines’ is a cinematic homage to Peter Rice, one of the most distinguished engineers of the late 20th century. The feature documentary explores Rice’s extraordinary life and career, from his childhood in Ireland to his work on the Sydney Opera House, The Pompidou Centre and the Lloyd’s Building and portrays Rice`s bold, innovative and creative approach to engineering. The title of the film is taken from the book Peter wrote just before he died in 1992. “Peter Rice was sometimes like a magician,” says Bernard Vaudeville, an engineer and architect who worked with Rice, in the film. “You don’t understand, when you see the structure, how it stands – but it stands.”

Film producer Brian Willis will be presented at the screening and answer questions after.



MESTO: Kinoteka, Kosovska 11
DATUM: 15.3.2019
VREME: 17:00
KARTE: 350 rsd

Kameni put za Dablin je dokumentarni film iz 1967. godine irskog novinara Pitera Lenona i francuskog direktora fotografije Raula Kutara, u kome su ova dva stvaraoca ispitali savremeno stanje u Republici Irskoj, postavljajući pitanje “Šta se dešava nakon što revolucija uspe?” Dokumentarac je provokativan portret koji razotkriva Irsku šezdesetih godina, društvo koje je karakterisao zatupljujući obrazovni sistem, moralno represivno i politički reakcionarno sveštenstvo, uskogrud kulturni nacionalizam i vlada koja nije pravila jasnu razliku između crkve i države. Film nije mogao zvanično da bude zabranjen, ali je irska vlada sprečila njegovo prikazivanje na nacionalnoj televiziji I bioskopima. Ta de facto zabrana, ostala je na snazi više od trideset godina – izuzev par prikazivanja tokom devedesetih – sve do 2004.godine kada su Irish Board film i Loopline film produkcije uspele da ga obnove.

Projekcija ‘Pravljenja filma Kameni Put za Dablin’ će biti odmah posle. Sé Merry Doyle (Loopline Films) će odgovoriti na pitanja.


VENUE: Kinoteka, Kosovska 11
DATE: 15.03.2019
TIME: 17:00
TICKETS: 350 rsd

“What do you do with your revolution once you’ve got it?” ‘is the question asked by the landmark 1967 documentary film, Rocky Road to Dublin. Directed by Irish-born journalist Peter Lennon and French cinematographer Raoul Coutard, (Camera man & long time collaborator with Jean-Luc Godard) it examines the contemporary state of the Republic of Ireland, 50 years after the Uprising (1916). The answer, and documentary, is a provocative and revealing portrait of Ireland in the 1960s, a society suffocating under a stultifying educational system, a morally repressive and politically reactionary clergy, a blind cultural nationalism, and a government which seemingly knew no boundary between church and state. It will be no surprise to learn then that while the film could not be officially banned, a paternalistic Irish government prevented it from being screened in cinemas or by state broadcaster (RTÉ). The de facto ban remained in place for more than thirty years – This memorable film was restored in 2004 by the Irish Film Board and Loopline Films, and a short documentary, The Making of the Rocky Road to Dublin will be screened following the feature.

Sé Merry Doyle (Loopline FIlms) will be presented at the screening and answer questions after.

Film: GLAS


MESTO: Kinoteka, Kosovska 11
DATUM: 14.i 16.3.2019
VREME: 21:00 i 19:00
KARTE: 350 rsd

Uloge: Catherine Eaton, Teddy Sears, Harris Yulin

Na udaljenom ostrvu kod Maina, nakon godina provedenih u ćutanju, Liv počinje da upotrebljava jezik zasnovan isključivo na rečenicama iz Šekspirovih dela. Ambiciozni neurolog, koji je doveden na ostrvo radi njene zaštite, smešta je u psihijatrijsku ustanovu. Liv postaje sve agresivnija što preti da je zauvek zadrži u bolnici, dok se bori za svoj lični glas i slobodu. Na prelomnoj tački za sve one koji se smatraju drugačijima u trenutnoj društvenoj atmosferi, Glas je pravi film. Ovo ostvarenje osvojilo je brojne nagrade na međunarodnim festivalima, zahvaljujući vrhunskoj glumačkoj veštini Catherine Eaton, koja je uz to i režiserka i producentkinja filma. Precizan i elegantan scenario rezultat su saradnje Catherine Eaton i Bryan Delaney-ja.

Bryan Delaney, režiser filma, će ove godine na festivalu predstaviti film i odgovarati na pitanja nakon projekcije.


VENUE: Kinoteka, Kosovska 11
DATE: 14. & 16.03.2019
TIME: 21:00 & 19:00
TICKETS: 350 rsd

Cast: Catherine Eaton, Teddy Sears, Harris Yulin

On a remote island off the coast of Maine, Liv, after years of silence, begins to create a language out of Shakespeare’s words. A driven neurologist brought to the island to protect her, brings her to a psychiatric hospital. She is rebellious in the hospital; her increasing violence might keep her locked up for life as she fights for her voice and her freedom. ‘The Sounding’ is a champion for outsiders in our current climate. The Sounding won numerous awards at International festivals, thanks to the captivating performance of the lead actress, director and co – writer Catherine Eaton. Together with Bryan Delaney, Eaton crafted the script with skillful precision.

Script co-writer, Bryan Delaney will present The Sounding in person this year at BIF and take questions after the screening. Bryan will also give a talk on scriptwriting in Belgrade. Details TBA.



MESTO: Kinoteka, Kosovska 11
DATUM: 14.3.2019.
VREME: 19:00
KARTE: 350 rsd

Jimmy T. Murakami je svetski poznat animator sa nominacijom za Oskara čiji radovi uključuju When the Wind Blows and The Snowman, ali postoji jedno mračno poglavlje u njegovom životu koje do sada nije bilo poznato. Tokom Drugog svetskog rata, američki građani japanskog porekla, poput Jimmy-ja bili su evakuisani u koncentracioni logor u kalifornijskoj pustinji. Film nas vodi na jedno neverovatno putovanje sa Jimmy-jem, polazeći iz Irske koju je usvojio kao svoju novu domovinu, zatim kroz njegovu holivudsku karijeru, I konačno kulminira njegovim povratkom u logor, suočavanjem sa detinjstvom I njegovim još uvek prisutnim besom na američku vladu koja ga je tamo zatvorila.

Režiser filma, Sé Merry Doyle, će odgovoriti na pitanja nakon projekcije.


VENUE: Kinoteka, Kosovska 11
DATE: 14.3.2019.
TIME: 19:00
TICKETS: 350 rsd

This is the real life story of Jimmy T. Murakami who is a world- renowned Oscar-nominated animator who helped create ‘When the Wind Blows’ and ‘The Snowman’. This beautifully made documentary crafted by Sé Merry Doyle explores a a dark chapter in Jimmy’s life that was not revealed until later; during World War II, Japanese-American citizens like Jimmy, and his family, were incarcerated in concentration camps in the California desert. This film takes the viewer on an extraordinary journey with Jimmy, from his adopted home, Ireland, through his Hollywood career, ending with his return to the infamous camp to confront his childhood and his everlasting anger with the American government that put him there.

The director, Sé Merry Doyle, will be presented before the screening and answer questions after.



MESTO: Kinoteka, Kosovska 11
DATUM: 14.3.2019.
VREME: 17:00
KARTE: 350 rsd

Dokumentarac ‘Patrick Kavanagh – No Man’s Fool’ u režiji Se Merry Doyla je bogato vizuelno putovanje koje opisuje život najpoznatijeg irskog pesnika. Film razotkriva suprotnosti koje su postojale između njegove javne ličnosti i njegove poezije. Glavna lokacija filma su pesnikov rodni Inniskeen u okrugu Monaghan, kao i Dablin gde je proveo najveći deo života. Uprkos tome što je preživeo strašno siromaštvo I bolest, uspeo je da stvori delo najmoćnije i evokativnije poezije koja je ikada stigla iz Irske. Tekst njegove pesme Raglan Road opevali su Van Morrison I Sinead O’Connor. Film je osvojio BIFF nagradu za najbolji dokumentarac na Bostonskom irskom filmskom festivalu.

Režiser filma, Sé Merry Doyle, će odgovoriti na pitanja nakon projekcije.


VENUE: Kinoteka, Kosovska 11
DATE: 14.3.2019.
TIME: 17:00
TICKETS: 350 rsd

The subject of this feature length documentary ‘Patrick Kavanagh – No Man’s Fool’, wrote the well known Irish Song “On Raglan Road” (Van Morrison, The Dubliners, The Pogues, Sinead O’Connor), named after the Dublin Street, Raglan Road, in Ballsbridge – Dublin’s Vracar. Sé Merry Doyle’s documentary brings us on a rich visual journey that captures the life of Ireland’s most famous poet and exposes the contradictions that existed between Patrick Kavanagh’s public persona and his poetry. The film is shot in Kavanagh’s native Inniskeen, in County Monaghan, and Dublin, where he spent most of his life. Against all the odds he survived great poverty and ill health, to deliver a canon of the most powerful and evocative poetry ever to come out of Ireland. The Documentary film won the BIFF Award for ‘Best documentary’ at the Boston Irish Film Festival.

Director Sé Merry Doyle will be presented at the screening and answer questions after.



MESTO: Kinoteka, Kosovska 11
DATUM: 13.3.2019
VREME: 19h
KARTE: 350 rsd

Cast: John Wayne, Maureen O’Hara, Barry Fitzgerald

Tihi čovek je tehnikolor američka romantična komedija iz 1952. godine u režiji John Ford-a. Sean Thornton, Irac iz Pittsburgha, 1920 godine se vraća u Irsku, u svoje rodno mesto Inisfree kako bi oživeo porodičnu farmu. Upoznaje i zaljubljuje se u vatrenu Mary Kate Danaher, sestru nezgodnog zemljoposednika Danahera. Sean, koji ne poznaje irske običaje, zateći će se u komplikovanoj mreži odnosa i pokušaće da pronađe svoje mesto pod suncem. Film je osvojio Oskara za najbolju režiju, a 2013 godine uvršten je u Nacionalnu filmski registar Kongresne biblioteke kao delo od “kulturnog, istorijskog i estetskog značaja.”

Gost ovogodišnjeg festivala, režiser Se Merry Doyle, predstaviće nam svoj film Dreaming the Quite Man – dokumentarac o Fordovoj posvećenosti pravljenju ovog američko-irskog klasika.


VENUE: Kinoteka, Kosovska 11
DATE: 13.03.2019
TIME: 19h
TICKETS: 350 rsd

Cast: John Wayne, Maureen O’Hara, Barry Fitzgerald

‘The Quiet Man’ is a 1952 American romantic comedy-drama film directed by John Ford. In the 1920s, Sean Thornton (John Wayne), an Irish American from Pittsburgh, travels to Ireland to reclaim his family’s farm and his birthplace in Inisfree. He meets and falls in love with the fiery Mary Kate Danaher, the sister of the bully landowner Danaher. Sean, unaware of Irish customs, finds himself in a complex network of relationships, trying to figure out the Irish ways. John Ford won the ‘Best Director’ Academy Award for ‘The Quiet Man’. In 2013, the film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”.

Se Merry Doyle will present his film “Dreaming the Quiet Man”, a documentary about Ford’s dedication to making this Irish – American classic, before this movie screening at 1700.



MESTO: Kinoteka, Kosovska 11
DATUM: 13.03.2019.
VREME: 17:00
KARTE: 350 rsd

Etablirani režiser Se Merry Doyle (Šej Meri Dojl) istražio je priču koja stoji iza snimanja filma “Tihi čovek” u nameri da razume zašto je ovaj film koji je Džon Ford pripremao 20 godina, bio tako ličan za njega. Na ovom putovanju, Doyle je intervjuisao Fordove irske rođake kao i imena kao što su Martin Scorcese, Peter Bogdanovich, Jim Sheridan i glavnu glumicu, Maureen O’Hara. Film jer imao prvo prikazivanje u Irskoj a zatim i brojne festivalske projekcije širom sveta. Navođen je kao najbolji dokumentarac za AFI Best of Europe sezonu. Najprestižnija projekcija odražana je u Muzeju Moderne umetnosti u Njujorku, uz prisustvo glavnog naratora filma, Gabriela Byrna.

Režiser Se Merry Doyle će odgovarati na pitanja publike nakon projekcije.


VENUE: Kinoteka, Kosovska 11
DATE: 13.03.2019.
TIME: 17:00
TICKETS: 350 rsd

Director, Sé Merry Doyle seeks to find the back story behind ‘The Quiet Man’ and understand why the film, that took 20 years to make, was so personal to Ford. This question inspires Doyle to interview Ford’s Irish relatives, as well as acclaimed filmmakers like Martin Scorsese, Peter Bogdanovich, Jim Sheridan and ‘The Quiet Man’ lead actress, Maureen O’Hara. The film premiered in Ireland but screened at festivals worldwide and was cited as ‘Best European Documentary’ for the AFI ‘Best of Europe’ season. It’s most prestigious screening was in MoMa where it was introduced by the narrator of the film, Gabriel Byrne.

The director, Sé Merry Doyle, will be presented at the screening and take questions after the film.



MESTO: Atelje 212
DATUM: 13.03.2019.
VREME: 20:30
KARTE: 300 rsd

Predstava „Čekajući Godoa“ trupe „Tri groša“ nastala je 2012. godine kao studentska predstava u okviru Festivala Internacionalnog Studentskog Teatra (FIST). Ova interpretacija Godoa doživela je ogroman uspeh posebno među mlađom publikom. Od 2015. igra se na sceni Ateljea 212. Ova drama apsurda dešava se upravo ovde i sada – likovi čekaju i mi čekamo sa njima. U međuvremenu se iscprljuju zabavljajući i sebe i publiku. Nadrealna, smela i sa sjajnim smislom za humor ova predstava svoj uspeh najviše duguje brilijantnim mladim glumcima. Glumci ne predstavljaju likove već žive njihove misli na sceni, uvek spremni da smisle neku novu situaciju kako bi li ubili vreme na najprijatniji mogući način. Kroz Beketov humor koji nije metafizički, već humor naše svakodnevnice, predstava govori o prijateljstvu i usamljenosti, dominaciji i potčinjavanju, narcisizmu i ranjivosti ega, o dosadi i zabavi. Mladi umetnički tim stvorio je ovu predstavu iz sopstvenog životnog iskustva. Nakon završetka studija rediteljke ove predstave oformile su pozorišnu grupu „Tri groša“, a „Čekajući Godoa“ predstavlja začetak njihove saradnje i programsku predstavu.


VENUE: Atelje 212
DATE: 13.03.2019.
TIME: 20:30
TICKETS: 300 rsd

A performance in Serbian (with english subtitles) of Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, performed by the TriGroša Theatre Company at the landmark Atelje 212 Theatre. Waiting for Godot is a play in which two characters, Vladimor (Didi) and Estragon (Gogo), wait for the arrival of someone named Godot who never arrives, and while waiting they engage in a variety of discussions and encounter three other characters. We wait with them while they attempt to entertain themselves in a surreal, daring and yet playful way. TriGroša’s direction of this classic play brings to the fore friendship and loneliness, domination and submission, narcissism and the weakness of the ego, as well as boredom and fun in Beckett’s writing. Beckett’s humour is not metaphysical; it is the humour of our everyday lives. Created as a student performance for Belgrade’s Festival of International Student Theatre (FIST) in 2012, this interpretation of Waiting for Godot was success, especially amongst young audiences. Since 2015, it is being performed at Atelje 212 attracting a broader audience.

Film: CRNA ‘47

CRNA ‘47

MESTO: Kinoteka, Kosovska 11
DATUM: 12. & 17.3.2019.
VREME: 21:00
KARTE: 350 rsd

Uloge: Hugo Weaving, James Frecheville, Stephen Rea

Drama prati irskog rendžera koji se borio van zemlje, na strani Britanske vojske tokom godina Velike irske gladi, i njegovo napuštanje položaja kako bi se ponovo ujedinio sa svojom porodicom. Uprkos tome što je doživeo sve užase rata, šokiran je posledicama uništenja koje je glad ostavila na njegovu domovinu, narod i porodicu. “Imajući u vidu važnost koju Velika glad ima u irskoj istoriji, kao i to da ovi događaji nikada do sad nisu viđeni na velikom platnu, naša ekipa je osetila veliku odgovornost da napravi film koji je ne samo istorijski tačan, nego I emocionalno istinit” – rekao je režiser Lance Daly.

Naslov se odnosi na najtežu godinu Velike irske gladi, 1847, poznatu kao “Crna ’47.”


VENUE: Kinoteka, Kosovska 11
DATE: 12. & 17.3.2019.
TIME: 21:00
TICKETS: 350 rsd

Starring: Hugo Weaving, James Frecheville, Stephen Rea

Set in 19th-century Ireland during the Great Famine, the drama follows an Irish Ranger who has been fighting for the British Army abroad, as he abandons his post to reunite with his family. Despite experiencing the horrors of war, he is shocked by the Famine’s destruction of his homeland and the brutalization of his people and his family. The title is taken from the most devastating year of the famine, 1847, which is referred to as “Black ‘47”. “Given the singular importance of the Great Famine in Irish history, and that it has never been seen on our cinema screens before, our cast and crew felt a huge responsibility to make a film that was not only historically accurate and emotionally true”, says the director, Lance Daly.

The title is taken from the most devastating year of the famine, 1847, which is referred to as “Black ‘47”.



MESTO: Kinoteka, Kosovska 11
DATUM: 12. i 15.03.2019
VREME: 19:00 & 21:00
KARTE: 350 rsd

Uloge: Dafhyd Flynn, Lalor Roddy, Moe Dunford

Dok mu je otac u zatvoru, mladi i Majkl živi sa dedom koji je svestan opasnosti koje vrebaju iza svakog ćoška. Film počinje nesmotrenim prekršajem za koji Majkl dobija uslovnu kaznu, i njegovim pokušajima da ostane na pravom putu. Uskoro će se okliznuti još jednom, kada će biti osuđen na tri meseca zatvora.

Film je 2018. godine proglašen za pobednika Irskih filmskih i televizijskih nagrada.


VENUE: Kinoteka, Kosovska 11
DATE: 12. & 15.03.2019
TIME: 19:00 & 21:00
TICKETS: 350 rsd

Starring: Dafhyd Flynn, Lalor Roddy, Moe Dunford

The film focuses on the shocking adventures of young Michael (Flynn), whose dad is in jail, and who lives with a kind grandfather (Lalor Roddy) who understands the perils lurking around every corner of everyday life. As the film begins, Michael, placed on probation after a silly, reckless offence, is making decent efforts to stay on the good path. Then there is a small slipup – he stores some drugs for an acquaintance – and immediately finds himself propelled to the rough end of the justice system. He is then sentenced to three months inside. Best Film winner at the 2018 Irish Film and Television Awards.



MESTO: Kinoteka, Kosovska 11
DATUM: 12.i 17.3.2019
VREME: 17:00
KARTE: 350 rsd

Uloge: Saara Chaudry, Soma Chhaya, Noorin Gulamgaus

Od tvoraca Tajne Kelsa i Pesme mora, nominovanih za Oskara, stiže nam dugo očekivani novi film zasnovan na bestseleru Debore Elis. Parvana je 11 – godišnja devojčica koja odrasta u Afganistanu 2001 godine pod Talibanima. Nakon hapšenja njenog nedužnog oca, Parvana odseca kosu i oblači se kao dečak kako bi mogla da izdržava svoju porodicu. Uz svog prijatelja Shauzia, Parvana otkriva jedan novi svet slobode i opasnosti. Uz veliku hrabrost, Parvana pronalazi snagu i u fantastičnim pričama koje izmišlja krećući na putovanje za oslobođenje svog oca i ponovno ujedinjenje porodice. Koliko uzbudljiv, toliko i čaroban, Hranitelj je inspirativna priča o snazi koju ima pripovedanje da nam ulije nadu i pokaže put kroz mračna vremena.


VENUE: Kinoteka, Kosovska 11
DATE: 12. & 17.03.2019
TIME: 17:00
TICKETS: 350 rsd

Cast: Saara Chaudry, Soma Chhaya, Noorin Gulamgaus

From the creators of the Academy Award nominated ‘The Secret of Kells’ and ‘Song of the Sea’, comes the highly-anticipated new feature based on Deborah Ellis’ bestselling novel. Parvana is an 11-year-old girl growing up under the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2001. When her father is wrongfully arrested, Parvana cuts off her hair and dresses like a boy in order to support her family. Working alongside her friend Shauzia, Parvana discovers a new world of freedom-and danger. With extraordinary courage, Parvana draws strength from the fantastical stories she invents, as she embarks on a quest to find her father and reunite her family. Equal parts thrilling and enchanting, ‘The Breadwinner’ is an inspiring and luminously animated tale about the power of stories to sustain hope and carry us through dark times. Mark Mullery, Studio Technical Director for Cartoon Saloon, and Assistant Director on their upcoming feature Wolfwalkers, will be presented before and answer questions after the movie.

Live stream digitalna umetnost: DŽON DŽERARD


MESTO: Kinoteka
ADRESA: Uzun Mirkova 1
DATUM: 12.03.2019.
VREME: 10:00

Projktovana na ulicu iz izloga galerije svakodnevna projekcija (osim nedelje) Džon Džerard je jedan od najaktuelnijih svetskih vizuelnih umetnika koji se bavi savremenim tehnologijama. Rođen je u Dablinu 1974 godine a studirao je u Oksfordu I Čikagu. Bio je deo prestižnih programa umetničkih rezidencija od Austrije do Kanade, a 2009 je bio pozvan na šestomesečnu rezidenciju Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten u Amsterdamu. Njegov pristup konstruisanju umetničkog dela je vrlo specifičan jer osim što se bavi problematičnim temama savremenog društva koristi i najsavremenije kompjuterske tehnologije. Džerardov način stvaranja dela podrazumeva kombinovanje na desetine hiljada digitalnih fotografija kojima rekonstruiše određene scene ili mesta kao digitalnu simulaciju. On upotrebljava tehnologiju koja se koristi u video igricama da bi se postigao efekat realnosti dok su njegove konstrukcije suštinski artificielne. One kombinuju sve ono što je za umetnika važno, čak i ono što možda ne postoji na datoj lokaciji u datom momentu, i na taj način stvara kritičnu masu informacija koje ono što vidimo čine hiper realnim i hiper kritičnim. Od 12.-17. marta, u okviru Beogradskog irskog festivala, imaćemo priliku da se po prvi put upoznamo sa radovima ovog umetnika. Digitalne simulacije će biti prikazane na lokaciji u centru grada.


VENUE: Kinoteka
ADDRESS: Uzun Mirkova 1
DATE: 12.03.2019.
TIME: 10:00

Daily live stream projections everyday except Sunday John Gerrard is an avant- garde and contemporary visual artist using the digital medium. Born in Dublin in 1974, he was part of some prestigious art residency programmes from Austria to Canada and was invited in 2009 to be a part of the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten residency in Amsterdam. His approach to producing his work is quite particular; not only does he evoke problematic topics of the contemporary society, he also uses the latest computer technology. Gerrard’s way of creating his art entails a combination of thousands upon thousands digital photographs with which he makes a digital simulation of certain scenes or places. He uses technology native to video games in order to achieve the effect of reality while his constructs are, in essence, artificial. It combines everything that is important to the artist, even if it does not exist, and that way creates the critical mass of information that makes what we see hyper-realistic and hyper-critical. From the 12th to the 17th March, at the Belgrade Irish Festival, we will get acquainted with the artworks, digital simulations will be played as a live stream in the city centre.



VENUE: Kinoteka, Uzun Mirkova 1
DATE: 12.03.2019.
TIME: 10:00

The Embassy of Ireland is working with the Belgrade Irish Festival and Serbia Creates to add a business element to this year’s multidisciplinary arts programme focusing on the digital industries on 12 March at Kinoteka. This one day conference will provide an insight into the vibrant creative & digital industries in Serbia and Ireland, with participation from a large number of speakers who are achieving excellence in their respective fields, including award-winning Irish animation studio Cartoon Saloon(Academy Award nominated The Breadwinner),Irish companies working on the cutting edge of technologies in Serbia, including Everseen and Aspire Technology, as well as participation from the Office of Prime Minister Brnabic and Ireland’s promotional agency Enterprise Ireland. The sessions over the day will focus on the creative industries in Ireland and Serbia; Serbia as a digital investment location; the adaptation of innovation by traditional industries; and the future of digital in Serbia. This discussions will bring together some of the top influencers in their fields. For further information about the event, including the programme; contact The Embassy of Ireland at or the Belgrade-Irish Festival

Opening film: MALI STRANAC


MESTO: Kinoteka, Uzun Mirkova 1
DATUM: 11. i 13.03.2019
VREME: 19:00 i 21:00
KARTE: 350 rsd

Uloge: Domhnall Gleeson, Will Poulter, Ruth Wilson, Charlotte Rampling

Dugog toplog leta 1948, seoski doktor je pozvan da pregleda pacijenta u starom zamku Hundreds Hall u kome je njegova majka nekada radila. Zamak koji je pripada porodici Ayres više od dva veka, sada je u stanju propadanja, a majka, sin i kćerka koji sada žive u njemu, progonjeni su ne samo odumiranjem njihovog načina života, već još nečim neopipljivim. Kada preuzme novog pacijenta, dr Faraday neće moći ni da pretpostavi koliko će se porodična priča preplesti sa njegovom ličnom pričom. Naziv ovog filma odnosi se na staromodni britanski izraz za bebu, kao u frazi „čekajući malog stranca“. Međutim, u ovom filmu nema beba, pa se misterije starog zamka polako odmotava.


Režiser filma, Lenny Abrahamson, će odgovarati na pitanja nakon projekcije.


VENUE: Kinoteka, Uzun Mirkova 1
DATE: 11. & 13.03.2019
TIME: 19:00 & 21:00
TICKETS: 350 rsd

Starring: Domhnall Gleeson, Will Poulter, Ruth Wilson, Charlotte Rampling

Belgrade Irish Festival is proud to open its week of Irish movies with the first screening of the Little Stranger in Serbia and honored by the presence of its Oscar nominated Irish director, Lenny Abrahamson who will be presented at the film and answer questions after. During the long hot summer of 1948, a country doctor is called to a patient at Hundreds Hall, where his mother once worked. The Hall, which has been home to the Ayres family for more than two centuries, is now in decline and its inhabitants — mother, son and daughter — are haunted by something more ominous than a deadly way of life. When he takes on his new patient, Dr. Faraday has no idea how close, disturbingly so, the family’s story is about to become entwined with his own. The title of the historical drama ‘The Little Stranger’ is an old-fashioned way to reference a baby, as in “awaiting the arrival of a little stranger.” But there are no babies in this movie, so the mystery of the old house is about to unfold.

The director Lenny Abrahamson will be presented at the screening and answer questions.

Ulična Umetnost: DŽEJMS ERLI


MESTO: Maršala Birjuzova 16
IN SITU: Svakodnevno 15-21.04. 2019.

Otkrivanje murala – 21. April 2019.

Hektični i eklektični urbani pejzaž Beograda sa kontrastima novog i starog, modernog i oronulog, je ispunjen sjajnim primerima street art-a i grafita koji Beograd trenutno čine jednim od najprivlačnijih prestonica Evrope. Ova vrlo živa scena dobiće još jednu prinovu koja će sa sigurnošću postati jedna od zaštitnih znakova Beograda. Mural na 180m kvadratnih u samom centru grada oslikaće irski street art umetnik Džejms Erli. Erli je umetnik koji je od 1997 godine bio deo irske graffiti scene gde je imao priliku da nauči kako da konstruiše velike formate i kako da se igra sa ekspresijom i improvizacijom. U istom periodu je pohađao Nacionalni koledž za umetnost i dizajn a kasnije je završio osnovne studije za vizuelnu komunikaciju. Iako je prestao da radi svoje slike bez dozvole ostao je u street art-u jer smatra da ne postoji ništa što može da zameni direktnu komunikaciju sa publikom na ulici. Osim toga njegova umetnost je snažno obeležena njegovim umetničkim nasleđem. Naime porodica Erly je tokom tri generacije kreirala i proizvodila vitraže koji i danas krase neke od najznačajnijih sakralnih objekata u Irskoj i Velikoj Britaniji. Njegov stil je stoga kombinacija principa i tehnika naučenih kroz graffiti kulturu i street art s jedne strane, i tradicije i tehnika naučenih kroz iskustva njegovih predaka koji su radili vitraže, s druge strane. Autor je najvećeg murala u Irskoj koji predstavlja celokupna fasada Blooms hotela u Dablinu koji se nalazi u popularnjom kraju Templ Bar. Prošle, 2018., godine u Dablinu je održana njegova prva samostalna izložba ‘Things Fall Apart’ na kojoj su prikazane njegove kreacije inspirisane vitražima i street art-om.


LOCATION: Maršala Birjuzova 16
ON SITE: Daily, 15-21.04. 2019.

Mural unveiling – 21th of April 2019.

Belgrade’s hectic and eclectic urban landscape with its mix of old and new, modern and decrepit is richly filled-in with distinct moments of street art and graffiti that make Belgrade one of most compelling capitals in Europe to visit today. This busy and living fabric is about to get an additional imprint with a signature piece on 180 m2 of wall in the heart of the city by Irish Street artist, James Earley. James has been a part of Dublin’s graffiti and street art scene since 1997 applying himself to large-scale urban formats and mastering expressionism and improvisation. He graduated from the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) in Dublin and has been painting his artworks (often without permission) ever since; remaining within the street art domain while dramatically staking his claim that, nothing can substitute direct contact with an audience! His street art style is strongly influenced by a family’s heritage creating and producing stained glass windows for three generations, and decorating some of the most prestigious sacral buildings in Ireland and the UK. His style, in turn, is a mixture of the principles and techniques acquired from graffiti culture and the skills inherited from his ancestors. James is the author of the largest mural in Ireland, the complete facade of Blooms hotel in Dublin’s popular downtown Temple Bar area. In 2018, he had his first solo exhibition in Dublin under the title ‘Things Fall Apart’, where audiences had a opportunity to see his creations inspired by stained glass..



MESTO: Donja galerija ULUS-a
ADRESA: Knez Mihajlova 37
OTVARANJE: 17:30 09.03.2019.
DATUM: 09 – 31.03.

“Ove fotografije ulaza pokazuju nam otvore ka hektičnom gradskom pejzažu koji je obeležen nagomilanim dokazima o ljidskom stanovanju, ali gde su individualni životi primetni samo u njihovom odsustvu”. Kaže Dr Gven Džons (Arhiva fonda za otvoreno društvo, Budimpešta) u tekstu za izložbu. Fotografije Najdžela Svona beleže savremene ulaze zgrada u Budimpešti koji su nekada bili obeleženi žutom zvezdom i gde su jevrejske porodice bile bile ‘smeštene’ pre deportacije u logore smrti u poljskoj na kraju drugog svetskog rata. Tragovi vezani za ovu praksu su skoro u potpunosti nestali pa su čak i arhivski podatci vrlo oskudni. Irski fotograf Najdžel Svon, dugogodišnji stanovnik Budimpešte, nabasao je na listu ovih zgrada, dokumentovao ih i stvorio jedinstvene dokaze o njihovom postojanju. Bilo ih je više od 2000 i u njima je bilo smešteno oko 220.000 ljudi ali Nigel je za potrebe izlozbe odabrao 20 fotografija. Na njima vidimo obična gradska vrata u različitim stadijumima dekadekncije i očuvanosti ali ono što nedostaje su ljudi. Ova izložba nam otvara mogućnost suočavanja sa ‘posledicama zverstava u savremenim urbanim sredinama.’


ADDRESS: Knez Mihajlova 37
OPENING: 17:30 09.03.2019.
DATE: 09 – 31.03.

“These photographs of house entrances present us with openings in the hectic cityscape, inscribed with accumulated evidence of human inhabitation, but where individual lives are noticeable only in their absence: there are no people”, writes Dr Gwen Jones, Open Society Archives, Budapest, in her description of the Yellow Star Houses of Budapest photography exhibition. Nigel Swann’s photography captures the entrances to buildings in Budapest today, but which were once marked by a yellow star and where Jewish families were relocated before deportation the death camps in Poland at the end of WWII, “Evidence of the Yellow Star Houses has almost completely disappeared and archival sources are extremely rare. Irish photographer Nigel Swan, a long-term resident of Budapest, obtained the list of these houses, documented them and created a unique record of their existence today. Of the more than 2000 buildings that once housed over 220.000 people, Nigel has chosen twenty prints for this exhibition. Through these images we can see the regular city doors in different stages of decay but what is missing in the photos are people. This exhibition give us a possibility of confronting the “afterlife of atrocity in the contemporary urban environment”.



MESTO: Savamala
OTVARANJE: 15:00 09.03.2019.
DATUM: 09 – 31.03.

Ova izložba na otvorenom koja će biti dostupna publici tokom marta, predstavlja primere i značenja hrišćanskih građevina i simbola u crkvenoj umetnosti u Irskoj i Srbiji. Uprkos veoma različitim kontekstima u prošlosti kao i velikoj udaljenosti, gde je jedna država ostvro okruženo okeanom a druga bez pristupa moru ali pozicionirana na jednom od najznačajnijih evropskih raskršća, na prikazanim fotografijama možemo naći velike sličnosti u arhitekturi manastirskih kompleksa, kula i zvonika, kamene plastike, isposnica i skitova, iluminiranih knjiga, nakita. Sve to upućuje na trans-evropske uticjaje hrišćanstva u toku srednjeg veka (5.-15. vek). Neki simboli, kao što je keltski krst (sa kružnom pozadinom), neverovatno podsećaju na pravoslavni ravnokraki krst koji je u srpskom pejzažu opšteprisutan. Krst Sv. Brigide, koji se u Irskoj tradicionalno pravi od biljke site, vrlo nalikuje na slovenski simbol kolovrata, koji kao i krst Sv. Brigide ima prehrišćanske korene a oba simbola su prihvaćena u hrišćanstvu. Izložba nam predočava sličnosti između ova dva primera hrišćanstva udaljenih evropskih kultura koje vidimo čak i kroz pejzaže oblikovane duhovnim podsticajima.


VENUE: Savamala
OPENING: 15:00 09.03.2019.
DATE: 09 – 31.03.

This open air and public exhibition throughout March presents medieval Irish and Serbian representations and manifestations of Christianity. Despite vast distances apart and contexts; one a remote island surrounded by an ocean, the other landlocked and the strategically located at of one of Europe’s most important crossroads, the images presented draw on strong parallels between Christian monastic complexes, belfries, sculptures, anchorites, illuminated books, jewelry, and points to the trans European influence of Christianity during the medival periods, 5th to 15th Centuries. Some symbols such as the Irish Celtic cross (enveloped in a circle), bear a striking similarity to the Orthodox cross commonly seen across the landscape in Serbia. The cross of St Brigid, traditionally woven with rushes in Ireland, has a close resemblance the Slavic ‘kolovrat’, which like St Brigid’s has pre Christian origins and later adapted by Western and Eastern rites. The Exhibition shows close similarities between aspects of two distant European cultures representation of Christianity through the built landscape and shaped by formative religious forces.

BIF 7th Announcement

Springtime in Belgrade!
Sedmi Beogradski Irski Festival


Sedmi Beogradski Irski Festival (BIF), koji se održava od 9. do 17. marta
pod sloganom „Springtime in Belgrade!“, predstaviće na više lokacija u
Beogradu neke od najzanimljivijih segmenata irske kulture.
Tokom devet dana festivala, publiku očekuju najznačajnija i najnovija filmska
ostvarenja iz Irske, atraktivne izložbe, književne večeri, radionice i drugi
atraktivni kulturni događaji.

„Zadovoljstvo je najaviti 7. Beogradski irski festival, koji će predstaviti živopisne
irske i srpske sadržaje u oblasti filma, muzike, književnosti, vizuelnih umetnosti,
a kulminiraće proslavom dana Svetog Patrika, koju nikako ne treba propustiti 17.
marta u Beogradu. Festival se održava od 9. do 17. marta, a publika će imati
priliku da uživa u brojnim programima uključujući sedmodevni filmski segment,
sa dokumentarnim i dečijim animiranim ostvarenjima, koji će otvoriti irski reditelj
nominovan za Oskara Leni Abrahamson, zatim ranu irsku i srpsku duhovnu
umetničku izložbu, a po prvi put festival će ostaviti trajni trag u Beogradu u vidu
velike strit-art instalacije irskog umetnika Džejms Erlija“, izjavio je Jas
Kaminski, direktor Beogradskog Irskog Festivala.

Filmski program predstaviće neke od najrelevantnijih filmskih ostvarenja iz Irske,
a između ostalih biće prikazani i neki od najznačajnijih filmova Lenija
Abrahmsona (Lenny Abrahamson), reditelja filma Soba nominovanog za Oskara
2016. godine, koji će biti i specijalni gost ovogodišnjeg festivala. Bri Larson
(Brie Larson) je za glavnu ulogu u ovom ostvarenju osvojila Oskara (kao i Zlatni
globus i BAFTA nagradu). Pored igranih i dokumentarnih filmova, festival će
posebnu pažnju ove godine posvetiti animiranim filmovima za decu i odrasle.

U okviru programa Vizuelne umetnosti, čuveni strit-art umetnik Džejms Erli
(James Early) oslikaće mural / strit-art instalaciju u centru Beograda, a publika
će imati priliku i da vidi neverovatne digitalne skulpture prestižnog irskog
umetnika Džona Gerarda (John Gerrard).

Prvi put ove godine, oslanjajući se na uspeh Beogradskog irskog festivala, u
saradnji sa Ambasadom Irske biće održana jednodnevna Digitalna konferencija
čiji je fokus kreativna digitalna industrija u Srbiji i Irskoj i mogućnosti da
kompanije investiraju u Srbiju. Učestvovaće predstavnici irskih i srpskih
kompanija, a specijalnu prezentaciju održaće vodeći studio za animciju u Irskoj –
Cartoon Saloon ( ), koji ima tri nominacije za Oskara, ali i
za Zlatni globus, BAFTA nagradu i Emmy. Konferenciju će otvoriti ambasadorka
Irske, njena ekselencija Orla O Hanrahan.

Festival će se ove godine osvrnuti i na irsku književnost, a očekuje se i uzbudljiv
muzički program.

Glavni grad će se i ove godine, zahvaljujući Beogradskom Irskom Festivalu,
pridružiti svetskim metropolama koje obeležavaju irski nacionalni praznik Dan
Svetog Patrika, pa će nekoliko gradskih lokacija, uključujući Most na Adi, biti
osvetljeno irsko-zelenim svetlom.

Uskoro možete očekivati detaljnije informacije o programu!
Beogradski Irski Festival organizuje irski novinar sa srpskom adresom Jas
Kaminski u saradnji i uz podršku institucija i partnera: Ambasada Republike
Irske u Atini, Irish Film International, Culture Ireland, delegacija Evropske Unije,
EU Info centar, Grad Beograd, CRH, BPI, Agri Business Partner, Comtrade,
Jameson, Guinness (Carlsberg, Serbia), Turistička organizacija Beograda,
Jugoslovenska Kinoteka, Irish Honorary Consulate (Srbija), i druge kulturne
institucije i partneri bez kojih održavanje Beogradskog Irskog Festivala ne bi bilo

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Irski Wanderlost!
Seventh Belgrade Irish Festival


Seventh edition of Belgrade Irish Festival (BIF) will take place from 9 -17
March, under the slogan „Springtime in Belgrade!“, and it will present us
with some of the most interesting aspects of the Irish culture.
During nine festival days, the audience can expect the latest and most
significant Irish films, exhibitions, literary events, workshops and other attractive
cultural events.

„It is my pleasure to announce 7. Belgrade Irish Festival, and to present some
very interesting Irish and Serbian film, music, literature and visual arts events,
culminating with St. Patrick Day celebration not to be missed on March 17.
Festival will be taking place from 9 -17 March, and our audience will have an
opportunity to enjoy numerous programs, including the seven day film segment,
with documentaries and children animation films, with our special guest, Oscar
nominee, Irish director Lenny Abrahamson who will open the film program. We
will also have an exhibition on early Irish and Serbian spiritual art, and for the
first time, our festival will leave a permanent mark on the city landscape, with a
big street-art installation by Irish artist James Early“ said Jas Kaminski, director
of Belgrade Irish Festival.

The film program will present some of the most relevant Irish movies, including
films of special guest of the festival, director Lenny Abrahamson. His film
The Room was nominated for Oscar in 2016. Brie Larson won Oscar for Best
Performance as well as Golden Globe and BAFTA awards for the leading role in
the Room. Beside Feature films, this year festival will offer some interesting
documentaries and animated movies for children and adults.
The Visual Art program will host famous Irish street-art artist James Early who

will paint a mural in the Belgrade downtown. The audience will also have an
opportunity to see digital sculptures of prestigious Irish artist John Gerrard.

First time this year, relying on success of BIF and in cooperation with Embassy
of Ireland, the festival will host a one-day digital conference, focusing on
creative digital industry in Serbia and Ireland, and exploring potential for
companies to invest in Serbia. Beside representatives of Irish and Serbian
companies, special presentation will be held by leading Irish animation studio –
Cartoon Saloon, whose films had three Oscar
nominations, as well as Golden Globe, BAFTA and Emmy awards. Ireland`s
Ambassador to Serbia, H.E. Orla O'Hanrahan will open the conference.

Festival will also present Irish literature events as well as an exciting music
Belgrade will traditionally take part in global celebration of St. Patrick`s day with
green illumination of several city landmarks, including the Ada Bridge.
Stay tuned for more details on Belgrade Irish Festival program!
Belgrade Irish Festival is organized by an Irish journalist with Serbian
address, Jas Kaminski with support of institutions and partners: Embassy of
Ireland in Athens, Irish Film International, Culture Ireland, Delgation of European
Union, EU Info centar, City of Belgrade, CRH, BPI, Agri Business Partner,
Comtrade, Jameson, Guinness (Carlsberg, Serbia), Tourist Organization of
Belgrada, Jugoslovenska Kinoteka, Irish Honorary Consulate (Serbia), and other
cultural institutions and partners that made Belgrade Irish festival organization

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